Within These Bounds

Containing five different weights of paper in various sizes, this publication is an archive of images obtained from the nostalgic reminiscence of my childhood in the northern parts of Sweden, inevitably altered by the human imperfection of recollection. The size and weight of each signature enacts a translation of my individual experience of each memory. In addition to this, the pages are infused with the smell of pine — a prominent and sentimental element of my past.

To further emphasize the ambiguities of remembrance, the images are second prints pulled from handcarved original woodblocks, called ghosts. The ghost is a much lighter reprint with substantial variations from the first print, and could be described as a transparent mirage of the first image, implying that there will always be a difference between what is experienced and what is remembered.

The text inside the folder is printed with thermochromatic ink which will fade and disappear with the warmth of your breath. This elucidates once more the fragility of memory, and that nothing lasts forever.

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