A Time Of

This is a 50 page, letterpress printed flip-book to address my thoughts on the political climate in 2016, as represented by the US election, the Brexit vote, and the continuous rise of European far-right populism. It is easy to become numbed by despair in the face of what is currently happening, but this book seeks to encourage both myself and others to change perspective when all appears hopeless.
Alongside forces of fragmentation, conservatism, and bigotry, there will always be a counter-movement towards solidarity, respect, and understanding. Power is relational, and to whomever it is given, it can also be taken away. To illustrate this, I created a flip-book with two different front covers, representing the two simultaneous yet fundamentally different forces in society. If you flip the book in one way, it will show the rise of a monumental and frightening political force. But if you turn the book over and flip it the other way, it will show people gathering and conjoining in unitary movement.

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